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Vegetation / Weed Abatement Hazard Reduction

Welcome to the County of Orange, California Weed Abatement Program.  Our goal is to inform and educate the public regarding the requirements and civic responsibility of vegetation abatement.  Our service is limited to the unincorporated area of Orange County.

Submit a request for weed abatement on the myOCeServices website.

On our site, you will find most of the helpful documents we routinely hand out to the public, including our annual weed abatement notice and information regarding the proper disposal of green waste.  You will be able to view photos and information about noxious and invasive weeds which are of common occurrence on the hillsides, vacant lots, and non-maintained properties in Orange County.

By encouraging residents, businesses, and other property owners in Orange County to take responsibility for the removal of hazardous vegetation, as well as the consistent use and maintenance of fuel and fire breaks in designated areas, we hope to increase the level of fire safety in the County of Orange and protect our residents from the ravages of wildfires such as the Paseo Grande Fire of 1967, the Indian Trail Fire of 1980, the Laguna Firestorm of 1993, the Lemon Heights Fire of 1996, the Santiago Fire of 2007, the Canyon 2 Fire of 2017, and most recently, the Holy Fire of 2018.  By closely examining how and why these devastating fires occurred in the first place, we can be better prepared to avoid the loss of life and property that might otherwise occur.

In addition to the information contained on this website, we have included links to other sites that promote fire safety, both in the home and the landscape. We hope you find the information helpful.




County of Orange
Weed and Hazardous Vegetation Abatement Program

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Orange, CA 92865

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