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Pesticide Regulation

The Pesticide Regulation Program enforces State pesticide laws and regulations to protect the urban and agricultural environment as well as to protect the people working with and around pesticides. This is accomplished through an ongoing inspection program focused on commercial pesticide use. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation oversees the County's Pesticide Regulation Program.

Pesticide Use Reports

Pesticide use reports are submitted monthly to the Agricultural Commissioner by commercial pesticide applicators who conduct business in Orange County. The Agricultural Commissioner processes the pesticide use reports and submits them monthly to the State Department of Pesticide Regulation. The State analyzes and verifies the raw pesticide use report data submitted by the County and creates a report that is available to the public.

Restricted Material Permits

Commercial requests for restricted material permits are evaluated by licensed County Inspectors. These requests are reviewed for compliance with environmental, health, and worker safety regulations.  Operators in possession of restricted material permits are then monitored for strict compliance with State laws and regulations. This is to ensure that restricted materials are used safely while still providing industry with the ability to utilize these valuable tools.

Requirements for Pest Control Businesses Performing Pest Control in Orange County

All pest control businesses are required to be licensed by the State and registered in each County where they perform work prior to performing pest control. 

Visit the California Department of Pesticide Regulation website.

Investigation of Illnesses, Injuries, and Complaints Related to Pesticide Use

Agricultural Commissioner Staff investigate illnesses, injuries, or complaints related to or suspected to be related to pesticide use.